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Picking out the right set of headphones is not always an easy ordeal. The task’s difficulty is further compounded when you look at an exceptional brand such as Turtle Beach.

This year there are several Turtle Beach headsets on our list. Each of them will be perfect for a particular user. Which of these you think is the best headphones this year?


The Best Turtle Beach Headphones in 2020


When you select a pair of headphones, one of the most significant criterion is how you will be using the headphones. Specific pairs of headphones are more effective for the PC gamer.

Other headphones are better for consoles. Depending on which type of gamer you are, you will find the best results with the corresponding headset.


Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset



Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

This headset feature some of the most advanced software design we have seen. It is phenomenal at representing sounds in a three-dimensional space so you can hear precisely where the action is approaching. Stop being “that player” getting caught off-guard or having sketchy sound. 

Why leave your game to chance?

If you are a competitive gamer, then knowing which direction the enemy is can be the difference between winning a match or losing one.

Give yourself the ultimate advantage by using a set of headphones that are as nice as these.



  • Waves Nx 3d Audio
  • Comprehensive Software Suite
  • 50 mm Speakers Fit Comfortably Over The Ear



  • Listening Fatigue After Extended Use
  • Could Have More Color Options Available


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Pro Performance Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PC, PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

These are easily some of the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear. Well, they may be a little pricier than some of the other competitors out there the price is more than justified. Any time you have premium materials used in construction, you’ll experience cost impact.

If you are looking for a headset with a great microphone that you can wear for hours without listening fatigue, this is a great choice. The mic is what keeps your comms straight in the game, the noise-cancelling pads keep you focused, and the comfortable padding helps you grind on maps for HOURS.



  • Professional Grade Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Design Accommodates Glasses For Comfort
  • Memory Foam Ear Cushions



  • No USB Connection
  • Could Be Louder


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 White Pro Performance Gaming Headset


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming

This is probably the best option for console gamers on the market right now. It is incredibly comfortable. It also has a fantastic microphone.

It lets you coordinate with your teammates while playing online. The noise-cancellation could work a little better, but overall its performance is a win.



  • Console Gaming Compatible
  • USB Connector
  • Multiple Color Options



  • Could Be More Durable
  • Noise Cancellation Is Okay



Turtle Beach Atlas One Headset and Atlas Edge PC Bundle


Turtle Beach Atlas One Headset

This bundle includes both the hardware and the software that you need to take your game to the next level. If you are a fiend for equalization settings, then you will fall in love with this package.

It has got some of the most comprehensive audio control features available on the market from any manufacturer.



  • Movable Microphone
  • Control Studio Software Suite
  • Glasses Frindly ProSpec Design



  • Not The Best Warranty
  • Few Custimization Options


So there you have it. Regardless of the choice you make, you’re shopping among a product family that’s known for its attention to comfort and sound quality. Get the booms. Get the comfort. Get the versatility with USB or audio jack. Get to winning today.



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