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Go to the store today and look at the audio section. You will likely find that nearly every headphone or earbud set is wireless these days.

However, if you happen to run into a quality pair of headphones with wires, you might be surprised at how good of a deal you’ll find. They often present some of the best value for the price found in the industry.

You are a serious audiophile who loves listening to music. But you aren’t walking around with a hefty billfold in that pocket. That’s okay. You still deserve to listen to quality sound without having to take out a HELOC just to make it happen. Enter the wired headphone.

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Why Some of the Best Headphones Still Have a Wire


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Believe it or not, sometimes, a wire can be a symbol of quality. The significant difference between wired and wireless is the latency.

Wired headsets have much lower latency than wireless, so you will have a much quicker response when listening to music. This makes it perfect for professional audio engineers.


You Do Not Have to Worry About Battery Life


One of the most common complaints people lodge against wireless models are the headsets is the battery life. It is pretty annoying when you are listening to something, and suddenly the headphones die.

You are stuck without any audio until it is charged. When your device has wires, you will never need to worry about that happening.


You Can Listen to Things that Do Not Have Wireless Connectivity


Sometimes we forget that not all devices that can play music can connect wirelessly with other devices. Wired headsets are compatible with a much greater variety of devices.

If you want to have the most versatile electronics possible, you could opt for the wired model when selecting headphones.

Also, if you’re having issues with your headphones not working on Windows 10 then we’ve written on it since that’s been coming up lately.


They Are Often More Affordable


Wireless devices can be more convenient than wired models; however, that convenience comes with a price more often than not. The budget-conscious consumer will be happier when choosing a wired headset than a wireless one.

It would be a good idea to check if there is a significant price difference and consider whether the price difference would be worth the opportunity cost when moving to wired. Maybe you’re a newbie and just learning and haven’t developed that auditory discernment. You just want some headphones with bass for the occasional jam session in the home office or garage. Well, wired is a fine start. You need a frame of reference to start your audio discovery to learn not only what resonates best for you, personally, but how sound output differs across brands. And how it differs across material construction and component angle, swivel, and placement.


They Typically Last Longer


As the complexity of any electronic device increases, so does the longevity decrease in proportion. The reason for this is straightforward.

Complex devices have more components that can fail. The more components that can feel, the greater the failure rate will be overall. Wired headsets have few were faults and will typically last you longer than a comparable wireless headset.


Some of the Best Audio Quality Can Be Found on Wired Headphones



Of course, the number one reason that people typically love wired headsets is audio quality. Suppose you happen to work with music professionally.

High-quality studio headphones provide the best listening environment for your work.

Anyone who works with sound professionally benefits by upgrading to a headset that has wires. They have decreased latency on top of their increased sound quality.

The bit rate capacity of wired headsets is often higher than what you would find in other models of headsets without wires.


Final Thoughts On This Year‘s Best Headphones


Hopefully, this guide has cleared up why wires can still be beneficial.

The best thing you can do is to carefully consider how you will be using the device. Plan on wearing headphones while working out and you should shape your search accordingly. Thinking of ones for teleconferencing at work and the occasional personal iTunes library? Well, there’s a fit for you. Just evaluate capabilities based on how well they will meet your usage pattern.

Fact is, many people will stock up on a few different pair because, hey, life comes atcha fast. Environments differ. Even your mood changes day to day. You’ll find that wired headphones will have their place in your rotation.

As always, keep jamming and smile. We’ll catch you at the next beat!


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