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The wide selection of Turtle Beach headsets can make it difficult to find the best for your needs. We all love gaming headsets and gauge our ideal spec sheet differently even across the same product line.

Battery longevity matters. When you’re in the zone, you don’t know what time it is and you don’t care. You’re on a mission. You have things to get done. You’ll eat when you have a minute between matches and you’ll rush to-and-fro the restroom as needed. You hardly have a spare moment to glance down at your smartwatch while running around the map.

In the meantime, these headsets have to L A S T. None of this quick depletion and a couple annoying chimes and kaput mid-match. The units we’ve got on deck for you here today get the job done. Ready to stand up to the rigors of the real gamer hours you can throw at them.

However, the newest edition of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Series shows us that sometimes a choice suddenly gets easier.

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An Analysis of Turtle Beach Headsets


Turtle Beach has been one of the biggest manufacturers of headsets since the invention of the products. They truly began to gain prominence as an alternative for console gamers.

This new model manages to exemplify many of the traits that lead to the companies initial success.


What Are Gaming Headsets?


Before we begin, let us take a closer look at what makes these different from other headsets.

Typically we will look at a few areas and judge the performance compared to conventional headphones. Latency with gaming devices is always lower to provide a lag-free experience for the player.

These headsets often feature directional audio so you can hear where the action is occurring around you. Finally, microphones with active noise canceling technology are a part of many gaming devices.

Quality for all these components can vary. The consistency of the Stealth 600 series is what makes it so exceptional.


100% Wireless Audio Solution


You will never need to worry about the cable you getting yanked out of your ear again.

This headset’s design allows for one of the only truly wireless gaming experiences on the market right now of outstanding quality. If you are looking for something that will not hold you back, these will do the job.


Virtual Surround Sound Technology


This headset’s directional audio system allows you to locate with pinpoint accuracy any sound around you.

Dolby 7.1 surround sound gives you an unparalleled depth of clarity. You’ll enjoy being immersed in an amazing symphonic environment with great noise-cancelling for superior in-game focus.


50 mm Speakers



Do not worry about the size of these speakers. They are some of the biggest you will find on any headset.

50 mm drivers give you some of the most powerful sounds to appreciate. It is not only loud, but it is also unbelievably clear.


Glasses Friendly Design


It may be a trope that gamers wear glasses, but all too often they do. Up until now, there have not been any manufacturers who took this key demographic into mind.

People were forced to suffer from uncomfortable headsets if they also wanted to wear glasses while listening. That is no longer the case.

The engineers here took the time to develop a quality gaming headset for people with glasses. You will be amazed at how comfortable they feel even when worn for a solid 9 hours. 


Rechargeable 900 mA Lithium Battery


Wireless audio solutions are not much good if they cannot survive until the end of the match. You do not want to end up plugging in and tying yourself down in the middle of the action.

The lithium battery on these audio devices is a force that commands respect. You can expect the battery to last for the entire night on a full charge without ever needing to plug-in.


Final Thoughts About Turtle Beach Stealth 600


These are some of the best headphones available. The active noise cancellation technology tops off an already superb set of internal electronics.

There are many Turtle Beach headsets, and nearly all of them are good. A few of them happened to be exceptional, however. When you compare the Stealth 600 series to other gaming headsets, one thing is immediately noticeable. The engineers who worked on this product’s design understood what gamers need and what other products lack. You will use a few other devices that feel as if gamers made them for gamers.


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