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There seem to be a ton of electronics released every year. People that do not frequently pay attention to the latest technological headlines get lost easily in this industry.

Even those who were well-informed at one time often fall behind. Let us take a look at one of the more popular recently innovative devices. These are Bluetooth amplifier devices.


Most Important Things to Know About a Bluetooth Amplifier


The most significant thing these devices provide is a stronger Bluetooth connection.

Many people wonder whether they really would like to have something like this. One of these electronic devices could be a fantastic idea for the right person. Also ideal for those of you who use a wireless speaker and if you are syncing to your smartphone, you can walk away without cutting connectivity and bumming out your guests.

The level of utility you will find in the product will depend on how you plan on using it.

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These Devices Amplify Bluetooth Signals



The primary function of this BT booster (#Ad) is to help boost the signal from Bluetooth receivers. They can be used to create an instant wireless audio connection with any device.

Some of them even allow you to connect to a 3.5 mm standard auxiliary cable port.

That means anything that has the standard plug for a set of wired headphones can be instantly transformed into a Bluetooth device.


You Get a Stronger Bluetooth Signal Using Better Quality Equipment


Unfortunately, not all products are made the same in this industry. You will get different results depending on the quality of the product that you buy. Typically, you’ll get 33-ft. or maybe 40-ft. on a strong Bluetooth connection (line of sight is best). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from my PC with a headset, on a live call, and walked out of range. 

Crackle…hiss…choppy voices. It’s a drag. You immediately realize you walked to the edge of the BT range and you’re about to drop the call. Either scramble back to an area of strong connectivity or lose it completely.

Now…300-ft.? Oh heck yes. THAT’S a win. Improving Bluetooth connectivity should be the gift you give yourself right this minute.

Higher quality products often provide even better signals been a comparable product of lower quality. People who want the best experience possible should ensure they purchase high-quality products.


They Help Provide the Best Bluetooth Experience Possible

You may not even be aware of the signal degradation that you have been experiencing when listening to audio.

Every wireless connection experiences some level of signal degradation. As the signal strength increases, the level of degradation correspondingly increases.

These electronic devices boost the Bluetooth signal to provide a stronger reception. They also enhance the audio stream‘s quality. So when you’re jamming your Bluetooth speaker tunes out by the pool, this booster will help your signal stay strong no matter where the audio source is in your home!


Connect with Any Wireless Device



Do you have a pair of wireless headphones and a device that plays audio, but cannot use them together? This incompatibility is not uncommon.

Any device that only allows a wired audio connection will be incapable of hearing with wireless headphones.

That is unless you use one of these amplifier devices to help ameliorate the situation. There are options available for all kinds of plug types.

Find an amplifier and match it with the port connector that you need, and you will be golden.


Never Drop Your Bluetooth Connection Again

If you are a person that uses hands-free technology when you are in the car and need to talk on the phone, you will love one of these. You have likely experienced a drop connect in the past at some point.

They are exceptionally common among Bluetooth devices, especially as their quality decreases. The majority of the time, this is because the signal is too weak for the receiver to hear it.

Moreover, the amplifier can help increase the signal’s amplitude and boost the strength of its carrier waves.

That means you will experience fewer missed connections and signal interruptions when you are listening to any wireless audio in the future. That walk to the fridge suddenly isn’t going to mess you up (ha!).


Final Notes on How to Get the Best Bluetooth Signal


Always ensure that any device you select is compatible with the electronics you own. Incompatible products only set you up for annoyance. You will need to either purchase a new device or return the product you just selected and get a compatible one. This is straightforward.

That may seem like newbie advice but we have folks from all walks of life and age ranges message us so, can’t take anything for granted. What comes as second nature or common sense to some, is completely foreign to others. We aren’t all experts across the board! Here at Seven Beatz we strive to share interesting and applicable nuggets of knowledge and wisdom for all. See you next time!


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