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Waterproof earbuds are among the new big fads among audio lovers. Many people have been struggling to maintain a high-quality set of earbuds for a long time.

Until recently, all earpieces were somewhat susceptible to water damage. Most other electronics were as well.

Today it is possible to claim your water-resistant speakers or headphones in just a few clicks! They are available in almost every category of consumer electronics. You’re looking for the ideal set that won’t let you down when you’re running or jogging or perhaps just being caught in a light rain or misty sort of day. 

You’re busy. You’re on the go. You have that soundtrack you need to have playing at all times – wherever you go. That means you need and deserve a quality tier of earbuds that will stand up to the rigors of your daily adventures.

Criteria that matter will include:

  • Crisp sound quality
  • Longevity of product under routine use
  • Reliability of performance
  • Weather-resistance
  • Affordability
  • Material construction

Those check list items are just some of the areas of product consideration when shopping. We like to review product and suggest purchases based on high-ranking, well-reviewed gear that falls on the quality side of the spectrum on those bullet points (among others).


The Top Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds of 2020


There are many choices available now. However, it can still be tricky to select the best one if you are unfamiliar with the industry.

 That is why we have put this list together so you can easily narrow down the choices and find the best product.

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Gennubi Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Magnetic Headset Sport Earphones for Running IPX7 Waterproof Headphones


Gennubi Bluetooth Earbuds   (#Ad)

The water-resistance of these earbuds is rather impressive, and it makes these sound devices perfect for athletes so order with confidence.

You do not have to worry about your sweat interfering with the music anymore. The IPX7 rating has you covered in regard to waterproof construction. What’s more, the noise cancelling technology makes for an intimate listening experience and you have a built-in quality mic should a call interrupt your music therapy.

To keep them from being lost, these wearables are magnetized. This makes it so you can wear the Gennubi earbuds as a necklace when you aren’t listening.

The sound profile is generally good but shines in the lower registers. If you are a bass head, you will love these earpieces.



  • Powerful Low End Sound EQ
  • IPX7 Waterproof and Sweat Resistant
  • Includes Three Separate Sized Ear Tips



  • Will Not Fit Everyone’s Ears
  • Call Quality Could Be Improved


Bluetooth Earbuds, VOUZRED IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth with HD Stereo Sound Wireless Earbuds


VOUZRED IPX6 BT Earbuds  (#Ad)

The IPX6 water rating on these may be lower than some of the other products on the list, but that does not make them any less impressive when you are in the gym. Use with confidence even while on the indoor track, treadmill or elliptical.

You’ll enjoy a crisp treble and some resounding bass (impressive for this form factor) afforded by the 13mm diaphragm. For further convenience, the earbuds can be used separately without issue. You’ll like the Bluetooth 5.0 chipset for its fast pairing and seamless connectivity.

While you may not be able to go diving in the deep ocean with these earpieces, they are more than sufficient for a heavy work out. No matter how sweaty of a person you can be, they will not short circuit.



  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset
  • 500 mAh Battery



  • Only Lasts 4 Hours
  • Some Users May Claim Not Ergonomic for Extended Wear


HNTMAO S15 IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, 30H Playtime TWS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless


HNTMAO S15 IPX8 Wireless   (#Ad)

The IPX8 designation indicates that these earpieces are some of the most water-resistant products on the market. Coupled with a 30-hour playtime on full charge and you have a must buy alert here!

If you need something that will work no matter how moist it is outside or house, what are you get while working out, few other products can compare to these. Not to mention they offer the single earbud or binaural mode for versatility. This flexibility lends itself well to different environments and accommodates your need to keep an ear open to your surroundings while you enjoy your tunes.

Plus, just one button can help access Siri, accept calls, and control the volume. Life. Is. Sweet with the HNTMAO S15 wireless earbuds.

Should you ever run into Bluetooth range issues at the home, pick up a Bluetooth amp to keep your devices stably connected.





  • Needs Separate Charging Case
  • May be Easy to Lose


Occiam Bluetooth Earphones-True Wireless Earbuds 48-Hrs. Playtime


Occiam BT Earphones – You DESERVE These Today!   (#Ad)

These earbuds’ 48-hour battery life makes them excellent for business travel over extended periods. The call quality on these is exceptional and are likely the #1 suggested product on this list today. You should consider ordering yours while supplies last.

Suppose you are looking for water-resistant earbuds perfect that you can use while in conversation at the gym. In that case, these will be perfect for you. They feature 3 pairs of ear caps (L|M|S) and feature a comfortable, silicone ear hook that stays cozy even after prolonged use.

The Smart LED display gives you insight as to the remaining battery life. It’s shown as a percentage and it’s even possible to read each earbuds separate power indicator. Super convenient (and we like tech toys around here). 

Top this all off with Bluetooth 5.0 tech for stable calls, fast connectivity, and the passive noise cancelling mic will keep your calls seamless. No worries of the voice on the other side peppering you with the, “Hello…hello…are you there?” nonsense. FREEDOM!



  • Great For Making Calls
  • 48-hour Battery Life
  • Designed for an Active Lifestyle



  • Could have better mid-range frequency response
  • A Few Users Had Intermittent Broadcast Issues

That’s the wrap-up for today. The earbuds above are a home run for us as earbud/earphone enthusiasts. Particularly for those of us a bit oblivious to what the weather forecast is looking like (or we go running at a moment’s notice and need resistant gear – that happens). 

Lastly, there’s the cleaning. You’ll extend the useful life of these little appliances the better you treat them. You can use mild soap and warm water on a cloth to gently wipe them down after usage (especially the gym). Let them dry before you start charging them again. If you have a small, fine and soft brush then you can brush away contaminants from the speakers. This will help you experience top-notch performance wear-after-wear.

See you next round… 


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