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Picking the right speaker is an important decision. People who enjoy music will find it to be an even more significant decision. Plenty of individuals struggle to determine which speaker is the best for them today.

Now they are many brands with high-quality products available on the market. Pay close attention to each of the following factors will help you to differentiate between various competing models.


The Most Important Features to Evaluate When Picking a Portable Speaker


Ultimately it is difficult to say that there is any specific speaker that is best overall. Everyone brings their own personal preferences to the table and usage patterns. Depending on how you use your gear, that will drive which model you select.

Think deeply about how you would use your device, and work your way through this list to get the most realistic evaluation possible.

Where will you use it?

How long will you be away from steady power?

Does the unit have a built-in power bank? If not, do you have a portable charger for the unit and what are electrical ratings for both units?

Will it be subjected to inclement weather and, particularly, water?


Strength of the Sound Output


The number one thing for people to pay attention to whenever they are looking at different speakers is the sound output strength. Suppose you need a speaker that can help provide a satisfying experience for a party.

In that case, you will want one that is more powerful than a speaker you would use in your bathroom. The strength of speakers is measured in watts.

The loudness of a sound is measured in decibels. Most speakers will give you one of these measurements on the box so you can compare different models. Careful that you don’t go with something under-powered if you have a big event coming up. There are units that put out some impressive sound.

Sitting alone at home and listening to your favorite playlist is one thing.

Now, imagine having a few people all getting a little rowdy in the backyard and listening to that same portable speaker. Think it will still jam out that playlist over the laugh, shot, and excited voices of 15 people at your gathering? 

Shop carefully.


Clarity of the Audio


Loud noises are not the only thing that you want out of the speaker. It would help if the speaker also had a very clear sound. Hi-fi audio has become more prevalent in recent years as technology improves.

The best way for you to evaluate different speakers’ sound clarity is to test them out in person. It is not easy to describe in words a difference that is so easy to hear.


Battery Life


One of the most significant areas of competition between various manufacturers is the battery life of the device. Today there are some speaker systems available that have batteries capable of lasting several days.

Others only last a few hours.

Short battery life is not necessarily worse unless you need to be away from a power source for extended periods. That’s when it comes in handy to consider a portable battery bank (as shown below #Ad).




A portable speaker system is far more likely to suffer damage than a stationary one. Each time it is transported, there is always the risk that something happens.

Look for highly durable speakers so that you do not need to worry about your device breaking. And you know, just because the item claims it’s ultra-durable…is there any reason to test it’s mettle?

I think not.

So buck up and get a speaker cover (#Ad) to protect it when needed. See image link below for your convenience.


Water Resistance


Now you can become the life of the party at the pool thanks to waterproof speakers. You do not need to be anxious if you want to have a portable speaker at the pool or the ocean anymore.

IPX67 is a rating that is used to designate extremely water-resistant devices. Today it is possible to find mini speakers that qualify for this designation.


Specialty Features


Technology is advanced today, so it is difficult for people to understand all of its features. Some people enjoy voice control technology.

 The right speaker will allow you to utilize your voice assistant to control the home with your voice.

There are other special features available on speaker systems that will matter to you. We’ll deep dive into them in future articles.


Final Thoughts About Comparing Different Portable Bluetooth Speaker Models


One final area that is important to comment on is the price. The price range of a speaker system is quite broad. Some speakers are very affordable.

Others are incredibly expensive. Price typically tracks with quality up to a point. However, once you reach a specific price point, you begin to encounter diminishing returns.

This price ranges extensively so it comes down to feature set, brand, quality, component materials used, and how you value all of the notes mentioned!

While some speakers that cost more than this will be better, it may not be as big of a difference as we would find among lower-priced models.


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