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Nothing ruins the immersive experience of a high-quality audio performance like unwanted external noise. That’s where the benefits of noise cancellation technology comes to the rescue.

With the right pair of headphones today, you can listen to your tunes just about anywhere. Whether you find yourself in one of your city’s busiest areas and you will not even notice that you are out of your room.

Today many devices contain active noise canceling technology. Not all noise-canceling technology is made the same, however. So, which is best if you are looking for a high-quality pair of noise-canceling devices?


Best Noise Cancelling Headphones


We will look at four different options. All of which will be more than satisfactory for anyone looking for high-quality noise cancellation technology. You want endless hours of high-fidelity sound without the worry of ambient creep into your soundscape. Let’s face it; you work hard. You need those precious moments to yourself. Ones to center your energy and block out the outside world as you allow your favorite tunes to wash over you.

And the time may come when you shed the headphones to head outdoors. That’s when you’ll share those wonderful tunes with friends and family via a high-quality wireless speaker. Share the playlist wealth!

The one that you like the most will depend on your personal preferences. Let us take a closer look at each device in detail.


Best Headphones Of 2020: Sony WH-1000XM4


The best headphones of 2020 we think should be this phenomenal pair manufactured by entertainment giant Sony. Sony has quite the reputation backing them up, so it is not any surprise to see them at the top of the list. They are tops as far as noise isolation headphones go and you’d be ecstatic to get your set today.

It also includes software that automatically upscales the audio quality of what you’re listening to at the time. One thing to keep in mind is that these headphones are not resistant to water. Not your number 1 choice for a pool party.

But that’s okay. There’s pool time and then there’s basking in the symphonic melodies of your favorite artists.

If you are looking for an audio device to take with you on your next vacation to the beach, you may want to consider something else. But for clear audio, comfortable long-term wear, and extended battery life at up to 30-hours; this is a must-have.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700


The best noise canceling headphones has, for many years, gone to Bose. While they may not top the list for the best out of all the noise-canceling headphones available this year, they come pretty darn close.

The biggest reason these are not further up on the list is that it could be a little better for the price. These are incredible in their ability to isolate you from any external noises; however, there is a pretty hefty price tag that comes with that this impressive technology.

You’ll absolutely adore the 11 levels of noise cancelling control and a clarity in sound and voice at your disposal. Buy with confidence.


Shure AONIC 50


These noise cancelling headphones are among the most sought after in the industry. These devices are perfect for a professional audio engineer. If you need the absolute most high fidelity sound quality possible, then this set here is a must-have rig.

These devices are built using a high-quality, durable construction design, so you do not need to worry about gingerly managing them every second of their use. Who doesn’t love high-quality construction AND durability?! This makes them an easy entrant to the winner circle.

They will isolate your listening experience to focus exclusively on what matters: your favorite music or listening entertainment (not traffic sounds or nagging housemates).


Apple AirPods Pro


What tech list of listening goodness is complete without this titan of industry?

Apple is an incredibly popular computer technology company. They’ve been disrupting and innovating for decades and that’s no different in the Beatz space, that’s for sure. The AirPods Pro (#Ad) are a value-add, hands down.

In addition to the most popular smartphone globally, the iPhone, Apple has been producing many more additional products that have consumers clamoring into stores. The newest release from their audio lineup is the Airpods Pro.

They’re ready to connect to your existing Apple devices. The active noise cancellation is superb (transparency mode allows you to still hear your surroundings).

What’s more? They’re sweat and water resistant. Buy ’em, wear ’em, love ’em.

These are in the earbuds rather than over the ear headphones. If you want the best devices in terms of portability, then these will knock your socks off.

Do not get stuck lugging around a bulky pair of headphones just because you need noise-canceling properties. Try out a pair of these, and you’ll be stoked that you did.


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