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Today the options for wireless headphones are abundant. Narrowing down the selection until you find which one is your favorite can be a tremendous challenge.

But that’s why we’re here. To learn together and explore the wonderful realm of high-quality headphones that tick our quality boxes. this article will perform some discover and help you navigate through a selection of the latest lineup of Bose sound products. They have something for everyone.


This Year’s Best Bose On-Ear Wireless Headphones


It is amazing how many impressive devices are developed each year. Electronic lovers will delight in any of the products on this list. Depending on what kind of budget you’re working with, there are several different options from which you can choose.

The Soundwear unit we discuss below may even appeal to the bicyclists among us! They’re kind of a bonus mention (hence at the end) because they aren’t on the ear but they’re Bose and we just came across them and wanted to share. You never know when you are exposing a friend to a new piece of gear they otherwise wouldn’t try. So, although they don’t fit this category exactly, they’re pretty great as an honorable brand mention.

We’re partial to Bose for their construction, comfort, and sound output for their budget class. They typically impress. Even their reviews online are testaments to the same. 

If you’re looking to save a small fortune, there are must-have choices for headphones under $50 but we’re on a higher ticket item list here today (fair warning).

Let us take a closer look and dive right in.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700


Bose Wireless BT 700


The desire for control is one of life’s most common themes throughout media and the real world. Something is alluring about being able to become the master over your environment.

That is why we have put these headphones at the top of our list. The level of control you get with 11 different noise cancellation levels is likely more than the casual user would fully exploit. 

You can choose precisely how isolated from the world you prefer to be with these quality units. Also, having some questions about connectivity? These are quick and easy but you can always boost your Bluetooth signal using a separate amplifier.



  • Control Your Environment with Your Voice Thanks to Alexa Smart Assistant Technology
  • 11 Levels of Noise Cancellation for the Ultimate Control
  • Battery Life of 20 Hours of Playback
  • Headphones Can Be Set to Tell You Battery Status 


  • Noise Cancellation Loses Effectiveness Over Time
  • Alexa Can Occasionally Not Pickup on Commands
  • Music Share Does Not Seem Available


Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Bose QuietComfort 35


Augmented reality is made even more immersive thanks to the addition of Bose AR technology. Now you can overlay ambient noises on to your environment that responds to the world around you.

These headphones also have premium performing microphones.



  • Comes with Bose Audio Augmented Reality
  • Ideal for Sound-Sensitive Types Requiring Dynamic Adjustable Noise Cancellation
  • Dual Microphone
  • Perfect for any Environment
  • Great Performance with Smartphones
  • Lightweight for Hours of Enjoyment



  • Only Three Color Options
  • Only 3 Levels of Control for Noise Cancellation
  • Occasional Glitches Reported on Laptop Connectivity


Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II


Bose SoundLink


After you put on a pair of these, you will be blown away by the depth of the sound they produce.

When you consider the size of this product, it can be a little astounding that they could pack so much power into such a compact and air ergonomic form.

People from all demographics will find something to love about a pair of the Bose SoundLink. We’ve discussed some of the best bass headphones on the market today yet these SoundLinks are a noteworthy contender.



  • Powerful Bass Sound
  • High Definition Microphone with Noise Filter
  • Uses the Most Recent Iteration of the Bluetooth Chipset
  • Alerts You of Battery Life
  • Offers a Natural Sound, Highlighting Sound Notes Often Imperceptible



  • Not as Durable as Others
  • Ear Cups Don’t Favor Larger Ears
  • Could Have a Better Warranty


Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker


Bose Soundwear


These headphones will throw you right into the middle of whatever you are listening to as soon as you put them on. The amazing surround sound helps transport you out of your body and into whatever media you are consuming.

It features a rather unusual design, but there is something oddly charming about this unique electronic device. The way these envelop your head and ears as you walk around and go about your business is intoxicating. You feel a liberty and versatility in movement that is open and natural. Unobscured by ear cups and adjustable bands over your head. If you’re sensitive about “band head” or have physically sensitive ears; go with the Soundwear. 



  • Wraps Around The Neck
  • Immersive Surround Sound
  • Battery Reaches Full Charge in 180 Minutes



  • Not the Most Comfortable
  • No Noise Cancellation


Isn’t this just an amazing industry? Think of the fully-immersive experience, the world, that opens up to you with the perfect-match of headphones. It’s blissful. Healing. To most of us audiophiles it’s absolutely therapeutic. While I’m a fan of comfortable headphones due to long marathons of listening, I know some folks skew more toward construction quality or mic/voice pickup.


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