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Find yourself amidst some challenge making your new Bose headphones play nicely with your existing smart devices?

Hang in there.

Learning how to pair your Bose is a lot easier than you think.

In the past, when the technology was first released, the process of connecting devices was admittedly a bunch more complicated. Today it is a lot more straightforward to get audio devices synced together on your Bluetooth connection.

If you have a smart device made by Apple, it will be an extremely easy process. They have made it so simple that once you learn the way forward – you’ll never forget it afterward. Even if you do, just bookmark this page or join our newsletter and we’ll get you informed in no time!



Easiest Ways To Finish Pairing Headphones Quickly


Pairing headphones can be done in a few ways. We will focus on the most detailed method possible, so people of all experience levels will be following along. Other shortcut methods can be used, especially once you made the initial pairing between devices. However, let us focus on getting the basics down first. Have to crawl before we can walk (then run). 

I’ve found that sometimes taking it from the top, step 1, even 2-3 times can just make a device suddenly “wake up” and stick. So, don’t get frustrated or believe the device is defective just yet. Here at Seven Beatz, we believe in being more stubborn than the tech when it comes to finding remedy. 

Let’s explore.


Open Up The Settings On Your Device


If you go to the homepage on your iOS device, there should be an app icon that looks like a gear. Underneath you should see the word Settings.

Click on it. Once that is open, you will be presented with a screen that has a lot of information.

Do not be intimidated if you encounter some unfamiliar screens. Most of it does not matter for your needs.

Scan through the list of options on your screen’s left-hand side and look for the Network Connections button. Once you find it, go ahead and click on it.


Scroll To The Network Connections Category


The Network Connections category be found on the left-hand side of your screen. This will depend on the version of the iOS software you have installed but you should be familiar with its location by now.

It is also possible if you have an older device that its name is something different. Look for the words “Network or Connections” and click on that once you find it.

We recommend that you go ahead and Reset the Network Connections before moving forward to the factory defaults. You do this by hitting the button at the bottom of your screen that says Reset Network Settings.

Afterward, scan through the rest of the page and look for another icon that says Bluetooth, once you have found that icon, you can click on it.


Open Up The Bluetooth Page


Inside of the Bluetooth page will see a button at the top that slides on or off. If it is in the off position, go ahead and click on it, turning it to the on position.

You should then see a cursor icon that indicates something is loading. If there are any Bluetooth devices available to connect with nearby, then they will appear here shortly.

Once you locate your device on the list, go ahead and click on it. Some devices will give you a code that you must type in, while others will let it pair without any additional input from the users.

If you do not see the device would like to connect on the list of available devices, it is likely because your audio device is not in pairing mode.


Ensure Your Headphone Devices Are In Pairing Mode


Depending on the type of device you are trying to pair with your Apple products, there may or may not be a pairing mode that must be initiated whenever you try to make a new connection. Typically a Bluetooth Smart device will simply allow you to have Bluetooth services slider turned on/enabled and the BT device on as it broadcasts. The connection is as simple as pushing the device name when it appears in your Settings > Bluetooth list.

Most Bluetooth devices such as speakers and comfortable headphones will need to be put into pairing mode. Many newer devices will allow you to skip this step after the initial pairing process is complete.


Final Thought on How to Complete The Pairing Process


Read through your audio devices’ instruction manual and find out how to activate pairing mode on it.

Be sure that you aren’t connected to other devices while you focus on troubleshooting. The smart path forward is to isolate your variables so that you can easily identify the mitigating factor during your test. Stay calm and retry. Remember that it can be helpful to power cycle the devices after you had a few failed pairings. It’s like giving it all a clean slate. 

Once you do, then you should be able to finish the pairing process. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes on your favorite Bluetooth speakers and pour that lemonade, you amazing Beatz fan, you. 


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