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Connecting headphones to your Mac is not as difficult as many think. Suppose you have not used any of the newer iterations of Bluetooth technology.

In that case, you probably have bad memories of the older versions. Spotty connectivity. Poor audio quality. Range issues. They were much more challenging to establish a connection with and they were far less reliable than modern equipment.

Three cheers for tech advancements! Whether it’s connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 or PS5 or working out Windows or iOS challenges, you got this. I believe in you. Take a deep breath.

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The Steps to How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac


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We will break down each step down in detail so that people of any level of experience can easily follow along with this guide.

You do not need to know how to navigate a computer very well to connect a Bluetooth device.

If at any point you are uncertain how to proceed, try checking the instruction manual of your device.


1. Put Your Device In Pairing Mode


To establish a Bluetooth connection, you will need to initiate pairing mode on the device. This is done in different ways, depending on the equipment you are using.

Most manufacturers include instructions in the manual on how to initiate peering. You will generally hold down the power button until you see a flashing light or hear an audible beep.

 Those are both the signals used to indicate pairing mode has begun on most devices.


2. Press the Apple Menu Button on the Mac


Now that your device is in pairing mode, you can go to your Mac computer. Once you are on the Mac computer, click on the Apple menu icon.

This will bring up the Apple menu, and you will be presented with several options.


3. Click on Bluetooth Under System Preferences


Look through all of the sub-menus in front of you and search for these words “System Preferences. “ Once you have found this menu, click on it to open up another context menu.

Here you will see the option to select Bluetooth. Click on the Bluetooth button once you find it.


4. Find Your Device Press Connect


Now that the Bluetooth menu is up, we can begin initiating a connection with your device.

Immediately on your screen after opening the Bluetooth menu, you should see a list of all available devices in pairing mode nearby. If there are multiple options available, look through the list of devices until you find yours.

Click on your device once you locate it to see the option to initiate a connection. Click on the Connect button to begin.


5. Input Any Codes Requested


This step will not always need to be completed, but you may receive a code on your computer once you begin a connection. You will need to input this code into your device to finalize the connection settings.

Once you locate the codes, put them into the submission box, and hit enter. You should only need to do this once with any device, then you connect to your Mac and delete the connection settings.


6. Test The Audio Connection


Pull up something to listen to on your Mac computer and test. If the connection is successfully established, you will hear audio playing on the Mac through your Bluetooth device.

If you do not hear anything, then you will need to restart the connection and try again.

Previous iterations of Bluetooth technology had far more difficulty establishing quality connections. Today – you should have this handled in one or two attempts.


Final Notes on Connecting Mac Headphones to Your Computer


Learning how to do any new skill is always a little bit intimidating. Tech is funny; it can be our best friend and worst enemy inside the same 5 minute time span. Heck, in the same breath. Whether it’s a wireless headset, a premium smartwatch or even a smart food scale..chances are…it’ll eventually challenge you. That’s okay – we’re here to help out!

With any luck, this outline gave you some relief in establishing communication between your headphones and your Mac. Make sure you try a couple times and don’t rule out running a Mac restart in between the 2nd or 3rd failed attempt.

You aren’t alone! We’ve all had some connection challenges in our day. For further education, have a look at the video embedded below for your convenience.



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