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Is this another Ford vs. Chevy argument?

Apple vs. Android?

There has been a great debate in the audiophile community between which a listening device is the best type.

Many people claim that over the ear headphone devices sound performance is far better than that of other audio solutions. While at the same time, many people stand behind the superior portability of the earbud.


Comparing Headphones and Earbuds



Let us take a closer look at the differences between these two types of listening devices.

We will start with each device’s basic design and then go on to the benefits and potential drawbacks of each device.


Basic Design Of Headphone Devices


Headphones are very easy to recognize. They go over your ears and rest on top of your head. The design emphasizes base notes, and they are typically better suited for noise-cancelling applications.

Some are available in the wireless form, while others require a wired plug-in to use. Signal noise in a residence (particularly “busier” housing complexes including apartment buildings) can certainly add to wireless signal degradation but tech has kept up with that clutter to offset the potential for quality loss. 

Whether you’re a Bluetooth connection fan or prefer a wired Razer headset for gaming, there’s a flavor for us all out there.

Let’s take a look…


Basic Design Of Earbud Devices



An earbud goes inside of your ear instead of over it. The term is “earbud” because of its portability. They are normally far smaller than other similar headphone devices.

These are also available in both wired and wireless formats. Several different manufacturers have come out in recent years with wireless earbud devices that include wireless charging capacities.

It’s rather incredible when you consider just how far this technology has evolved. Years ago who’d have thought a wireless charge would be a *yawn* topic by 2020. Yet we continue to be spoiled with these advancements and it just gets better with every year.

Why wouldn’t you want to keep upgrading gear to stay on the bleeding edge of what our tech giants are tirelessly working to develop for us. We owe it to the industry to make use of these advancements!


Top Benefits and Drawbacks Of Headphone Devices


Audiophiles will typically go for headphones because of their superior sound quality.

While just because a pair of headphone devices goes over your ears does not immediately mean that they will deliver superior sound quality. It’s a safe assumption that it is likely to be better than other pairs of earbud devices. Headphones “cup” your ear.

The other major benefit is that they are far superior in their ability to cancel out external noises. If you need a device that will allow you to go on the plane and fall asleep by blotting out all of the ambient noise, you will likely be better off choosing a pair of headphone devices.

The one downfall to these devices is that they are much larger than the earbud devices available on the market. If you are looking for something that will be as portable as possible, there are better options for you.


Top Benefits and Drawbacks Of Earbuds


The number one thing to know about these types of listening devices is their compact size. If you are looking for the most portable solution possible, then this is your ticket.

While they may not have the best sound quality in recent years, they have come a long way. These days you can find acceptable sound fidelity in earbuds nearly rivaling some models of the over-the-ear headphones.

Gone are the days of feeling you made a substantial sacrifice when choosing a pair of listening devices for their portability. The quality will please you. Lucky time to be alive!

You will have access to high-quality sound; however, they can be a little more expensive. If you want the earbud devices to help cancel out ambient noise, you need to ensure that the devices are properly fitted. If they are not, it will be much easier for ambient noise to get past the devices and your ear.


Final Notes Regarding The Great Headphones vs Earbuds Debate


So there you have it.

People who are the most concerned about their audio devices’ portability should be happier going with an earbud device. Those of you who are most concerned about the overall quality of their audio output will likely be satisfied using an over-the-ear headphone devices.

There is no right or wrong choice, per se, as it is all a matter of personal preference. One more thing to know that could impact your decision in the comfort of the devices when used. While not everyone does, many people find that earbud devices can become uncomfortable whenever they are worn for extended periods.

You know that “digging in” sort of feeling when you have a knob in your ear, right? Some of the lower end units feel like an irregular shaped plastic wedge that just grinds around in your ear. Invest a bit more and you elevate yourself out of the murky bottom of the market. Go with higher quality, slightly higher priced earbuds and you’ll thank me later.

Happy Beatz!



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