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When you want to get a good night’s rest, but it is noisy where you live, it is infuriating. Luckily, there are options today for people that have to handle these circumstances.

Technology has innovative new ways to cancel that environmental noise. That “sound clutter.” Whether it’s construction going on outside the home, roommates or family members bouncing off the walls, the workplace abuzz with people running to-and-fro…audiophiles just need peace and a timeout!

And frankly, you deserve it. You have an artistic side. An appreciation for soundwaves. For harmony. A respect for the serenity, peace, and therapy that music delivers. 

But when you’re not looking to jam out to some heavy hitting riffs or revel in the ring of screeching highs to get your adrenaline going, you need that calming melody to soothe you to sleep. Sleep matters. Noise cancelling gear is in order. Whether that’s in the form of a quality Bluetooth speaker or a set of headphones, that’s up to you. Today we’ll dive into headwear vs. a standalone speaker. 

So strap in and get ready to on on this journey with us to help you get the rest you need with headphones for sleeping.


The Best Headphones For a Good Night’s Rest


Today the prevalence of devices available for purchase online makes it challenging to look through all options. That’s what we’re here for at Seven Beatz. We write about the gear we find that we ourselves either buy or own and enjoy. Product that isn’t the least expensive nor the most; just a fair value with quality of construction in view. From durability to comfort to quality of material composition and even longevity and battery life are all considered here.

We have taken the time to comb through many options available to bring you the must have sleep-assist headphones on market right now.


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Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N


Sony WHCH710N – Claim Yours Here   (#Ad)

Sony once again proves that they are one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. When you have difficulty falling asleep, any external noise can be detrimental to your mental health.

Eliminate noise from your external environment by slipping on these delightful wireless headphones this week. While you should limit your blue-light exposure (smartphones, smart watches, and tablets) while in bed at night, you can link your smartphone to these Sony headphones. So if you save a certain calming playlist to listen to while you doze off, you can pair your phone to this Sony set and drift off into sleep. 

For comfort, you’ll have adjustable metal sliders to dial in a snug fit. You’ll rely on the USB Type C charging methodology before sliding them on during your sleep routine. Bear in mind, the packaging is pared down. You receive a rather short charging cable (about 8″) and no hard shell case or otherwise. That’s okay, it’ll be on your pillow…right?

If you’re fumbling in the dark while applying them, these speak to you. They tell you when you’re connected or disconnected. Alert you of a call, tell you when modes are switched. That helps. You’re wearing these to go to sleep so you want to toggle settings easily in the dark and know you’ve hit the mark.



  • Intelligent Noise Cancellation (Superior Sleep Aid!)
  • 35 Hours of Play Time Per Charge
  • 30mm Drivers



  • Some Users Say the Padding is Inadequate
  • No Customization Options


Falwedi Active Noise Cancelling Headphones APT-X CVC8.0


Falwedi APT-X – Buy Yours Today    (#Ad)

When it comes to sleep headphones, active noise cancellation is a game-changer. If you have been looking for the best noise canceling headphones for sleeping, you may have just found them.

The only way that these could disappoint is if they did not fit well. The active noise cancellation does rely on a secure fit over your ears. Whether you’re competing with machinery in the background at work (safety first!) or just trying to block out traffic or chatter at your favorite diner, the Falwedi headphones are a great buy. 

You’ll be impressed by the clarity in its dynamic range. Great frequency response and they don’t seem to have latency issues. So if you’re going to be video editing, these could be a good candidate (pulling double duty here – sleep is more important right now).

What if you want to listen to some tunes from an external device and there’s no wireless capability? No problem. These come with a 3.5mm jack cable for you to hardline into a music output device. Easy.


  • AMS 3415 Active Noise Reduction Technology
  • Reduce Noise From External Environment By Up To 28 Decibels
  • Fast Charging Battery



  • No Color Options
  • Occasional User Reports of Windows PC Sound Issues


Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband, Soft Sleeping Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Sport Headband


Sleeping Bluetooth Headband   (#Ad)

Side sleepers are often frustrated by the lack of options to block out noise without disturbing their sleep position. Headphones are typically too bulky for them to comfortably lying on their side.

Now there is an option available that will help anyone who has this sleep problem. This product is shaped like a headband, so it does not bend your neck if you want to lay on your side. Very innovative and convenient. Plus, if you toss often during your sleep cycle, you may be worried about breaking an on-ear/banded set of headphones. These offer almost the perfect alternative. It’s like a sleep mask but offers sound!

You’ll absolutely enjoy the soft feel that envelopes your head, cradles you as you drift off to your favorite calming tunes. Its Bluetooth 5.0 chipset makes audio device connectivity quick, seamless, and reliable. 

Forget to plug them in to charge before you left for work?

No problem. Just plug them in when you get home and about 2 hours later you’ll enjoy 9-10 hours of run-time. Perfect!

Functionality was well engineered as the stitching allows you to remove the Bluetooth module so you can wash the headband. 



  • Perfect For Side Sleepers
  • Unique Headband Style
  • Removable Bluetooth Module
  • Machine Washable



  • Not Everyone Will Like The Shape or May Get Warm Under the Fabric
  • Could Have Better Noise Cancellation


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones VANKYO C750 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with Microphone Wireless Headset


VANKYO C750 BT Over-Ear – Get Yours NOW   (#Ad)

These headphones are notable primarily for the high-fidelity audio. They are great for helping you sleep via comfort and active noise cancellation technology.

The earcups have some of the most comfortable headphone cushioning that we have seen on any pair of headphones. This is a must-consider pair of noise cancelling headphones for sleeping.

Now, if bass is your thing – and you can sleep to it – then these are a solid option. You’ll enjoy some resounding bass and they feature 30-hours of playtime. That’s solid battery performance. 

The memory foam for ear comfort lends itself well for sleep. Plus, the adjustable headband and 90-degree rotatable axis will leave you smiling and resting easy as they will move with you; not against.

While you may only use them for sleep, the VANKYO C750 headphones do feature high-quality cVc 8.0 microphones. That results in crystal clear, hands-free calls and these would work well for teleconferencing and work-related headset functionality.


  • Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Comfortable Earmuffs
  • Adjustable Headband For Secure Fit



  • No Color Choices
  • Some Users Cited Mic Quality Issues on PC Calls

Sleep is vital. If you don’t recharge your batteries, you’re toast. Your decision-making skills tank, motor skills are slowed, digestion gets wonky, and – maybe even worse – you may not even WANT to listen to any tunes on your headphones (gasp!). But seriously. If you like some white noise when falling asleep then you also need comfortable and noise-cancelling headphones to help you get there. The headphones shared with you today are quality purchases for wearing to put you to sleep or keep you asleep.

Maybe we should detail a good playlist for sleeping next time??


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