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Guess what? People no longer have to purchase first-party equipment if they on a dating consul and want to have a wireless headset.

Today anyone that owns a PlayStation 4 (#Ad) from Sony 10 connects a compatible Bluetooth device.

However, it is essential to note that not all devices with Bluetooth capabilities are compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4.


How to Connect Your Gaming Headphones to Your Console


Connecting a Bluetooth headset with your PlayStation is a straightforward process.

It is especially easy for individuals familiar with Bluetooth connections.

Some devices may connect differently so be patient and always consult your users manual for the device in your possession. If there are any discrepancies with the information on your screen and what is in this guide, refer to the device’s manual for solutions.


1. Ensure That Your Headset Is Compatible with Sony PlayStation


Not all Bluetooth headsets will connect to a PlayStation. You can check whether or not it will be compatible by looking at the manufacturer’s specifications on the product.

If it mentions that it can connect to a PlayStation 4, then you are in luck.

Unfortunately, suppose you cannot find anywhere that mentions compatibility with the Sony PlayStation. In that case, it is unlikely that your device will be capable of connecting.


2. Put Your Headset Into Pairing Mode


To initiate a Bluetooth connection between an audio device and your PlayStation, first put the audio device into pairing mode.

This is done in different ways, depending on the manufacturer of the equipment. Most manufacturers have standardized the process today, however.

Typically, you will click and hold on the device’s power button or the Bluetooth button. Not all devices have dedicated Bluetooth buttons, but it’s a convenience item if they do.

Wait until you receive some feedback in the form of an audible clicking noise or flashing light to indicate that pairing mode is initiated.


3. On the PS4, Go to the Settings Menu


Using the PlayStation controller, navigate to the settings menu on your console. The icon looks like a small gear with thick teeth. Once you locate it, click on it to open up the Settings menu.


4. Click the Icon That Says Devices


Once you are in your PlayStation settings menu, you will see several different options for sub-menus.

The one that you want to click on is titled “Devices.” Find it and press the X button on your controller to open it.


5. Click on the Sub-menu for Bluetooth Devices


Once you click on the sub menu for Bluetooth devices, you will be presented with a list of available nearby connections.

If there are multiple options available, you will need to determine which device you would like to connect with your PlayStation.

After narrowing it down, click on the device to begin the connection process.


6. Test the Connection and Enjoy Your Gaming Experience


Your gaming headphones should now be connected to the PlayStation and ready to use.

Before you move on and clear victory, you should test the connection first to ensure that everything went perfectly. You can do this by pulling up your favorite game on the PlayStation.

If you can hear the audio from the game on your headset rather than through your TV speakers, you have done a great job.


You Can Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a PS4


You can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to a console. You had to purchase proprietary equipment manufactured by the original company in the past.

Today third-party manufacturers produce compatible equipment for mini consoles.

Once you have connected the headset to your PlayStation, you should not need to go through the menu again to initiate the connection.

The console should remember the device and automatically connect to it every time that it is turned on. Above all, friends, you have to be patient. Go easy on your equipment.

If the first pass doesn’t work, try a few times. It’s bizarre, but sometimes you just need to be more stubborn than the devices. A proper reboot of both the PS4 and the headphones may be in order. This will particularly be the case if you’ve had a few failed attempts at connecting. A good, clean slate by reboot is sometimes exactly what the tech doctor has ordered.

Best wishes and happy gaming!


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