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The best wireless speakers of the year may have just arrived. Anyone interested in a portable high-quality audio device should check out the iHome product family lineup.

What’s so great about a Bluetooth speaker anyway?

Simple: portability and living life on your terms. NOT being tethered to a wall outlet indoors! You can host your gatherings in the backyard while having your speaker showcasing your best playlist. Or…just relax outdoors on the patio with your favorite tunes lulling you into a relaxing state. 

We can all use some alone time so go for it.

Five key aspects differentiate these electrical devices from others on the market. Competitors fail to measure up to the standard that is being sent by this product.

A new bar has been created, and all other products will be measured by it.


Most Important Information To Know About The iHome Bluetooth Speaker


These wireless speakers manage to take the concept of a Bluetooth speaker to the next level. You can take this anywhere, whether you are going out on the ocean or into the desert.

The durable construction allows you to navigate through any terrain. Let us take a closer peek at five of the most significant aspects that we noticed when looking at this product.


IP 67 Certified Waterproof


Boat owners will love this portable audio device. They can take it out on the water without any anxiety. The IP67 designation indicates an advanced level of water resistance (high Ingress Protection rating).

It is not entirely waterproof, but it is as close as you will get in a consumer electronic device. Resistance to water is not the only notable aspect of these devices either. At least you won’t be biting your nails watching sea spray come up to mist or splash a few droplets on your gear.

Are you a shower listener?

Got you covered. These iHome products will hold up to the rigors of that steamy shower room while you let the water cascade on you and melt away stress. Pair your Bluetooth speaker to your smart device or smartwatch and queue up that relaxing shower playlist.


Highly Durable Shockproof Design


Throw it around with impunity. The durable design ensures that it does not stop working until you do. If you are a little rough with your things, you do not need to feel ashamed.

You need to find a device that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Please take advantage of this product’s highly versatile nature and take it with you on your next adventure.


Stylish Accent Lighting


Instantly transform any room into a rave with the included white that can take on as many as seven different colors.

Choose your color setting and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Talk about taking it to “extra” levels of style. But why not…enjoy some flare. Live it up some because you owe it to yourself to make your environment unique to your preferences!

There are not many other products on the market that can simultaneously stimulate your sense of vision and sense of hearing. It is an experience to behold.


Includes A Carrying Strap


Perfect for use on the shoulder, the included carrying strap with some models allows you to be easily transported on any vacation. You can traverse the great outdoors with your favorite tunes and still control both of your hands. What is not to love about that?

It is strong enough for you to rely on it for extended hikes. Now you can take it on your now mountaintop adventure in your backpack!


Lasts 10 Hours On A Full Charge



The last thing that you want to happen at your next big party is for the music to give out before the end of the night. Music is what transforms an occasion from “a case of the Mondays” to “heck yeah, brother!” The iHome iBT84 (#Ad) gets you there fast. 

If you want to maintain this transformation, it will behoove you to try out a device with an extended battery. This product has one that allows for up to 10 hours worth of playtime on a full charge. The first time you plug it in, you’ll want to charge it for a full 4 hours. There are LED indicator lights to help dial in the battery readiness.


Audio Output


An amplifier’s power is definitely important for your selection of the speaker. This device has ample output for approximate crowd sizes of 15-20 people. If you’re a DJ and think you’ll be putting on a concert for the block, this isn’t quite the ticket.

Casual user with a few friends and family? Get it today! 

 Avoid disappointment by choosing a product with a substantial sound output if you’re planning large group playlist broadcasting.


Final Notes About This Year’s Best Bluetooth Speaker


When there are not as many options available today for audio equipment, it is not easy to choose. Decisions are much easier when you can narrow it down by comparing the most important aspects of different devices.

Everyone will have their preferences, so you need to do this for yourself. The previously mentioned five aspects of what we think make this product (#Ad) stand out from the competitors. Happy listening!


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