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Technology can genuinely be your best friend and your worst enemy in the span of 5-minutes. Every. Single. Day.

But…take heart. You’re in the right place for answers. We’ll help you out!

If you have an android device and it has lackluster performance from its Bluetooth connection, then you may be interested in learning how you can improve Bluetooth connection strength on your device.

It is incredibly easy for you to help your device communicate clearly with other Bluetooth devices. Start here and keep a cool head and let’s dive in!


Top Tips To Improve Bluetooth Connection


Every device will be different, and depending on the reason your device’s performance is suffering, these tips may work. This advice will be beneficial in the vast majority of cases. If you continue to struggle with the Bluetooth connection of your device lately, then we recommend checking out a YouTube walkthrough or send us a message using our Contact form.


How To Improve Bluetooth Connection for Android?


Getting a better Bluetooth connection on your phone is not as hard as you might think. Some common problems can cause issues with the connection of the Bluetooth on your android device.

If you address these and continue to have problems, you may need to contact your device’s manufacturer. There may be an issue with your hardware. However, if you try out the following steps and find that the performance is improved then we’re winning.


Update Your Phone


One of the biggest problems that many people fail to remember is to update their phones regularly. Now, let’s be frank. Being one of the first to take an update can be a true drag. Buggy or generally unpredictable behavior can abound. The truth of the matter is, keeping your device updated is rather important. There are often security patches released with OS or firmware updates which will protect your usage and, at least from a component/software standpoint, extend the useful life of the device.

If you drop it in a puddle or run it over…then you’re on your own.

Today many phones take care of updates automatically; however, there are still plenty of people who are using devices that are stuck relying on manual updates.

If you have not updated your phone recently and are experiencing poor Bluetooth connection performance, we recommend checking to see if there are any firmware updates. If there are updates available, then go ahead and download and install them according to the device’s instruction or manufacturer website’s advice.

Once they are downloaded, you can install them, and then the phone will restart. Once the phone has restarted, you will want to retry the connection.

If this was the issue, then you will likely have it resolved now. If not, you can continue to the next step (take a deep breath!).


Move Your Phone Closer To the Device You Are Connecting



The second biggest problem is that people try to connect to devices that are too far away. Low energy Bluetooth can operate quite well up to 40-ft. or so. Best if it’s in line-of-sight of your device; not so great if it’s pushing through numerous walls or floors of a home.

Bluetooth connection strength depends on the hardware used to transmit the signal and to receive the signals.

Not all devices have the same power transmitters as each other. That means that the distance you can be from one device while staying easily connected to it may not be the same between all devices. As if you needed this to be any more frustrating or complex, right? Hang in there.

If you are experiencing Bluetooth connections with some of your devices like headphones, but not all of them, it could be that you are too far away. The more familiar you become with the devices and their ranges, the more informed and happier you will be from now on. It takes time to learn our homes’ signal strength and how that dynamic environment with competing signals can impact our connectivity.

Test…test…test. It’s also okay to write down your findings so that you can report this to a Tech Support Rep if you need to escalate. Some detail to record and share:

  • Device model and generation
  • Device versions of firmware and operating system
  • Number of connected devicesĀ 
  • Distance that you notice you drop connectivity (or no connectivity at all)
  • Is this a first time product setup or has this worked in the past?
  • If the product worked in the past, what has changed?
  • Did you already try to update the devices you’re troubleshooting?
  • Have you restarted both the smartphone and the Bluetooth device?
  • What is your current battery level and are there any indicator LEDs flashing on the Bluetooth unit?

Reboot Both Devices And Ensure Airplane Mode Is Turned Off


Suppose you try the previous step and are still experiencing negative performance-related issues on your device’s Bluetooth capabilities.

In that case, there is one last step you can check before trying to contact the manufacturer for additional assistance. There is a mode on most modern phones called airplane mode. When you put your phone into, this cuts off all signals from the phone. You can still use the device, but it will not communicate with anything outside of itself.

Go to your settings and ensure that airplane mode is turned off. If it is turned on, then go ahead and turn it back off. Once you have made certain airplane mode is not engaged, reboot both devices.

Once both devices have restarted, try reconnecting them and closely observe any status change. If it’s fixed, congratulations! If you still need help, contact the manufacturer of your devices or have a look at some tech forums to help answer some FAQ regarding the issue.


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